UCT Accommodation Crisis Brings Budget Accommodation into Sharp Focus

The recent and ongoing UCT accommodation & crisis and consequent ‘Shackville’ protests give rise to numerous accommodation issues that students face when enrolling at new universities. Not least of which, it exposes the paucity of affordable accommodation available to students and others seeking budget accommodation either in the short or long term.

A lack of adequate housing and public student residences can be detrimental to the personal and educational pursuits of any young person; this has been underlined by the Shackville protests. Taking a step back for a second, what knock-on effects can uncertainty over accommodation have in the life of a young student? If you are fortunate enough to have time to look for the option that suits you best, which factors should be at the top of your agenda?

Price Comparisons

Price is always the bottom line when it comes to any exchange. Make sure to spend enough time comparing all of your budget accommodation options until you can make a more educated and informed decision.  Scour the internet, visit viewings and read the fine print to be sure that the amenities on offer are things that you need to pay for.

Safety & Security

Research the area where you’re looking at apartments or house shares and if you’re thinking of moving in with people you don’t know, take the time to get to know them before making that decision. House shares are great for students with a tighter budget too and come with the added bonus of increased security and peace of mind.

Proximity to Transport Routes

With the advent of Uber taxis and MyCiTi buses, many fortunate students have the luxury of getting around without the hassle of waiting for the often-unreliable weekend trains or moving around on foot. For others, these relatively expensive options aren’t as accessible. If you are a UCT student then the ever-reliable and punctual Jammie Shuttle is an absolute must to get to lectures on time. The Jammie’s fleets operate from Mowbray, Newlands, Rondebosch and Observatory and proximity to their drop-off points should be a major factor in your decision. Best of all the Jammie is free for all students and combines perfectly with UCT accommodation.

Location, Location, Location

It goes without saying, but residences and flats close to university are ideal for students but unfortunately budget accommodation of this nature can be like hen’s teeth. Contacting Riverview can help maximise your chances of finding the perfect place because we have strings of apartments and house shares near UCT, transport routes, shops and nightlife spots.

Short-term budget accommodation for traveling sports teams, students on exchange or even residents of a city doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and can be a temporary solution to a pressing problem. Clean and comfortable accommodation can be affordable too. Visit our Rates page to do further detailed research on our budget accommodation options.

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